Career advisors

Society has a big influence on the encouragement and career development of girls in STEM. Girls' perceptions are also shaped at home and reinforced at school.

As an educator, you are shaping and inspiring female role models and visionaries of the future. When engaging girls in STEM, a whole-school approach can have a significant impact.

We use three career engagement models in this resource: one focuses on STEM teachers, another on career educators and the third on career counsellors/advisors.

Career education in STEM

STEM-specialist teachers are at the forefront of career education and development within classrooms. These resources and lessons can help you to bring career conversations and real-life problem-solving into the classroom.

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Careers in STEM classrooms

These curated resources are for dedicated career specialists. They support career development education, and are designed for your STEM-related career education classes. They build opportunity awareness, provide labour market information, showcase inspirational female role models, and help students understand the broader concept of STEM as an innovative, important set of endeavours.

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Individual career sessions

These STEM-specific resources are for career counsellors. You can use them with students and parents during one-to-one sessions. The resources make subject selection for STEM career planning easier, as they include career advice, pathway options, job exploration techniques and labour market information.

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