Individual careers sessions

In the industries of the future ...

... STEM will be integral to furthering innovation, design and creativity.

STEM's crucial role in future development

From the creation of sustainable practices, and the development of ground-breaking technologies, to the continual expansion of our knowledge and understanding of the universe, STEM is crucial to developments that will change our lives in years to come.

Despite what some might think, STEM subjects are accessible to everyone. With a serious shortage of those skilled in STEM, the industries that depend on them need our students. The good news is that STEM education is becoming more integrated in schools to prepare more students to take on the world of related opportunities that will present themselves in the future.

Many career paths

STEM isn’t restricted to only a few areas. Students have plenty of career paths into areas that require talented, motivated, curious and passionate professionals. For career counsellors in schools talking to young girls about STEM, it is important to reveal the full range of STEM career options. As Dr Rebecca Cooper of Monash University’s Faculty of Education says, the goal is to have STEM ‘on girls’ radars’ as they progress through school, select subjects and eventually make choices about further education and a career.

'By learning about the career options available in STEM when they are young, girls can have regular conversations with teachers, family and friends about choosing STEM subjects and pursuing STEM as a career' (Cooper 2017).

It is challenging to overcome the gender bias and negative stereotypes that the term ‘STEM careers’ evokes for students (males, lab coats, boring and monotonous work, spreadsheets, isolation, a lack of creativity). An effective way to overcome these perceptions is to ask students what real-world problems they want to solve, rather than what careers they want to pursue. Discussion can then shift first to the consideration of the kinds of careers that could contribute to solving these problems, and then to consideration of the skills and knowledge students need before they can aspire to relevant tertiary study. Such discussions will also consider the changing work environment and uncertainty about the nature of future jobs.

See below for a list of tips and resources to assist in individual one-to-one consultations with students regarding careers and pathways in STEM. These can be used by students, parents, guardians, carers and career practitioners to explore jobs, pathways and market information.


  • AMSI

    Hundreds of maths careers profiles, videos and jobs you can draw on to encourage and increase Australia’s mathematically capable workforce.

    Field: Maths
  • A parents’ guide to careers in STEM

    A publication that helps practitioners to encourage the STEM talent in their students.

    Field: all STEM
  • Australia’s Science Channel

    A range of Women in STEM videos that encourage girls to see themselves within the broad range of STEM careers.

    Field: all STEM
  • Born to engineer

    Resources to use in class, including engaging and thought-provoking podcasts, news on events and masterclasses and more.

    Field: Science, Engineering
  • Careers with STEM

    A list of job options relating to careers in science, some of which may surprise you and your students.

    Field: Science
  • Careers with STEM: Get career basics

    Resource filled with case studies, videos, quizzes and job information to share in class and in sessions with students.

    Field: all STEM
  • Careers with STEM – the STEM careers app

    A downloadable STEM careers app that makes students’ study choices easier.

    Field: all STEM
  • Carnegie STEM girls

    A career exploration tool for individual girls.

    Field: all STEM
  • Engineer girl

    This resource has lifestyle information for many career profiles, and showcases how engineers make a difference to us all.

    Field: Engineering
  • Go Girl, Go for IT

    An event held each year, and one that you can encourage students to go to.

    Field: Technology
  • Government Funded Courses

    Government funding assists students by subsidising their tuition fees. Schemes vary from state to state, and students are required to meet eligibility requirements. This site helps check eligibility.

    Field: all STEM
  • Government of SA – Office for Women

    Resources and information to guide students at every stage of their STEM journey.

    Field: all STEM
  • Gradaustralia – The STEM guide

    A girls’ guide to great careers in STEM, including information on degrees, industries and women in STEM.

    Field: all STEM
  • Job Starter

    This website aggregates information from all of the employment funding schemes throughout Australia. This is a valuable resource for people looking to join the workforce, change careers or skill up to progress their career but can not afford to pay full fees.

    Field: all STEM
  • Monash University – STEM talks

    Videos of leading scientists giving insights into the challenges and successes of cutting-edge STEM research.

    Field: all STEM
  • Science and Technology Australia

    Profiles of the ‘2019 superstars of STEM’, containing many inspirational female STEM role models.

    Field: all STEM
  • Science Explorers

    Gives clear reasons for encouraging students to enjoy STEM early, to promote their positive attitude to it as they move through school and onto further study.

    Find: all STEM

    A resource focusing on the relevance of science and maths to students’ lives and encouraging engagement with STEM subjects.

    Field: all STEM
  • STELR – women in STEM

    Nineteen video profiles of ‘female role models and entrepreneurs from STEM fields’.

    Field: all STEM
  • STEM hub

    A site with sections including ‘STEM careers and pathways’ and ‘STEM girl power!’

    Fields: all STEM
  • – Your guide to STEM

    Statistics about the future of the Australian STEM workforce.

    Field: all STEM
  • UN STEM news

    United Nations news from around the world, giving women in STEM a global focus and perspective.

    Field: all STEM