Deck and Fishing Hands

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Deck and Fishing Hands

Deck and Fishing Hands maintain ships' equipment and structures, and catch fish, crustacea and molluscs.

Fun facts

  • Stable Future Growth
  • 72% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 8% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by deck and fishing hands. A few are listed below:

  • handling ropes and wires, and operating mooring equipment when berthing and unberthing
  • standing lookout watches at sea and adjusting the ship's course as directed
  • assisting with cargo operations using on-board equipment and stowing and securing cargo
  • patrolling ships to ensure safety of the vessel, cargo and passengers
  • performing routine maintenance and checks on deck equipment, cargo gear, rigging, and lifesaving and firefighting appliances
  • attaching gear and fastening towing cables to nets
  • casting and lowering nets, pots, lines and traps into water
  • preparing lines, attaching running gear and bait, and setting lines into position
  • hauling in fishing gear and removing fish and other marine life
  • sorting, cleaning, preserving, stowing and refrigerating catch

Specific occupations

  • Deck Hand
  • Fishing Hand
  • Fishing Boat Mate
  • Seafarer
  • Tug Hand
  • Cray Fishing Hand
  • Barge Hand
  • Ferry Hand
  • Prawn Trawler Hand
  • Purse Seining Hand