Truck Drivers

Below are details about the field of study you have chosen to explore, as well as some potential careers.
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Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers drive heavy trucks, removal vans, tankers and tow trucks to transport bulky goods and liquids.

Fun facts

  • Moderate Future Growth
  • 1509 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 85% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 3% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by truck drivers. A few are listed below:

  • manoeuvring vehicles into position for loading and unloading
  • loading and unloading vehicles using lifting and tipping devices
  • observing safety requirements when loading and unloading vehicles
  • making regular quality checks of vehicles to ensure they can be driven safely
  • estimating weights to comply with load limitations and ensuring safe distribution of weight
  • ensuring goods are stowed and securely covered to prevent loss and damage
  • verifying loading documents, checking condition of goods and obtaining certification of deliveries

Specific occupations

  • Truck Driver (General)
  • Aircraft Refueller
  • Furniture Removalist
  • Tanker Driver
  • Tow Truck Driver
  • Cement Mixer Driver
  • Compactor Driver (Rubbish Collection)
  • Haulpak Driver
  • Livestock Haulier
  • Logging Truck Driver
  • Road Train Driver
  • Tilt Tray Driver
  • Ground Crewman Aircraft Support (Army)
  • Office Mover
  • Milk Tanker Driver
  • Petrol Tanker Driver
  • Water Tanker Driver
  • Mechanic Recovery (Army)