Teachers and school leaders, along with parents and carers, are the most significant influencers when it comes to enthusing girls about their STEM potential. STEM industries need more women! Find out how to create a school that inspires girls in STEM.

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Girls in STEM

Schools play a critical role in supporting girls interest and confidence in STEM. As an educator, you can play a part in creating an environment that fosters equity. Understand the context, browse our tools and see how other schools are working to inspire girls in STEM.

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Create inclusive classrooms

Explore our range of evidence based resources and professional learning materials. Equip yourself with knowledge, skills and tools to help build a learning environment that fosters STEM equity in all students. 

Create inclusive classrooms
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STEM lesson plans

Discover engaging lesson plans for STEM that can be used to create a gender neutral learning environment.

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STEM career advice

The shortage of women in fields like science and engineering continues to be a challenge for companies across Australia. Help young women see themselves as engineers, scientists or mathematicians and find a pathway to a career in STEM.

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STEM community

A key approach to engaging and motivating students to study STEM subjects and pursue careers in STEM is to foster relationships with industry, TAFEs, universities and business. 

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