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Let’s bust some myths about Girls in STEM. The GiST provides resources to inspire and inform girls, schools and families in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Explore activities, resources, case studies, lessons, study pathways and careers.

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Do you like solving problems? Are you creative? Do you want to make the world a better place? Find out how STEM can take you there.

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Girls are under-represented in STEM pathways and careers. Teachers and school leaders can inspire and encourage girls to feel confident and enthusiastic about STEM, and to take advantage of the increasing number of STEM-related jobs and STEM-literate individuals in the workforce.

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The involvement of family, especially parents, in STEM learning experiences is invaluable in providing support for girls engaging in STEM experiences. However, the role of parents in influencing subject and career choices are often overlooked.

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What is The GiST?


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Leading the way in STEM

  • Bee habitat lesson (5 - 6)

    Students are introduced to the diversity of Australia’s native bees and explore bee habitats at school.

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  • Meet young women in STEM

    "Choose a career that you think you'll love, work hard and don't give up till you get there." Kat Duncan talks about her life as a locom vet.

  • DIY home activities

    There are plenty of fun DIY activities that can be done from home to encourage girls to become more interested in STEM.

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