Video interviews

Watch videos of women in Australia doing great things in STEM.  

Dr Samantha Moyle

Dr Samantha Moyle is an award-winning science teacher whose love of learning runs through every interaction she has with her students, her peers and the broader community. She believes STEM learning is vital because it builds creativity. It builds capability and resilience, and it shows students that learning doesn’t occur just in silos, everything is connected.

Mrs Sarah Finney

Mrs Sarah Finney has taught at Stirling East Primary School for 13 years, and has introduced hundreds of children of all ages to the joys of studying science. Her quest to expand her network and knowledge means she often juggles life in the classroom with her involvement in teaching associations, conferences and speaking engagements. She believes children are born scientists and it’s part of her job to help them harness that curiosity and exercise it in all areas of their lives.

Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger

Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger is internationally acclaimed for her research in mathematics, including fundamental contributions to group theory, permutation groups and combinatorics. For more than 40 years, she has lived her passion for education and demonstrated an extraordinary ability to foster and inspire others with her love of mathematics, creating a huge body of academic work and an equally large body of service for the generation of new mathematicians in Australia.

Lisa Harvey-Smith celebrates The GiST first anniversary

The Girls in STEM Toolkit went live last September, and the site has been a really big hit! Lisa Harvey-Smith, Australian Government Women in STEM Ambassador, astronomer, author and broadcaster gives her thoughts on The GiST and shares her experiences with STEM.

Dr Laura Mackay

Laura is an immunologist, and studies how immune responses can protect the body against disease. Growing up, Laura did not want to be a scientist, but an artist. Check out her great story as to why she ended up becoming a scientist, and how science is a journey of creativity and discovery.

Associate Professor Elizabeth New

Associate Professor Elizabeth New has pioneered the development of new chemical imaging tools to observe healthy and diseased cells. She is an award-winning teacher and mentor and has donated a significant amount of time to professional science organisations.

Meet the winners of the 2019 PM Science Awards

What do you love about science? Why do you think science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are important?