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  • Macinley Butson

    Young women in STEM

    Macinley Butson is a young woman doing awesome work in STEM.

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  • Kirsten Gottschalk

    Get involved in STEM in your community

    When Kirsten Gottschalk was a kid she wanted to be an astronaut. But, unlike most kids, for Kirsten it wasn’t just a phase.

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  • STEM skills for jobs of the future

    We might not know what future jobs will look like yet, but we do know they’ll involve STEM.

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  • Interview: Dr Laura Mackay

    Laura is an immunologist, and studies how immune responses can protect the body against disease. Growing up, Laura did not want to be a scientist, but an artist. Check out her great story as to why she ended up becoming a scientist, and how science is a journey of creativity and discovery.

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  • Podcast: Superwomen in Science

    Podcast discussing the past, present and future of women in science.

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  • Q&A with Dr Zoe Doubleday

    The GiST chats to Dr Zoe Doubleday about what makes her tick and her passion for research – with its constant challenges.

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  • Podcast: The Women in Tech Show

    A women in tech podcast featuring technical interviews with prominent women in technology.

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  • Tech Girls are Superheroes

    Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

    ARE YOU THE NEXT TECH GIRL SUPERHERO? In the signature program of the Tech Girls Movement, girls from 7-17 yo form a team and enter the competition. They are then matched with a female tech mentor who meets weekly with them for 12 weeks. Teams identify a problem in their local community to solve, then research and document a solution in a business plan, build a working app prototype and pitch it in a public video.

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  • Q&A with Gretchen Scott

    The GiST chats to Gretchen Scott about the different ways you can have a career in STEM and her goal for her new business venture, The Human Collective, a place she hopes will become the ‘go-to’ place for women in Tech.

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  • Scholarships for Women in engineering

    Completing an internship or applying for a scholarship can really help kick-start a career in STEM.

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  • Girls Invent

    Event: Girls Invent

    Girls Invent is a schools-based inventing and business development program. Through a structured series of focused workshops, our girl inventors create their own original product or service idea and are then shown how to progress it into a real business, as any entrepreneur would.

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  • Q&A with Imogen Rea

    The GiST chats to Imogen Rea about the importance of career exploration, the value of STEM skills and her desire to make life on Earth better for everyone.

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  • Event: National Mathematics Summer School

    NMSS is a two-week residential school for mathematically gifted and talented senior high school students held each January at The Australian National University.

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  • Video: Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger

    Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger is internationally acclaimed for her research in mathematics, including fundamental contributions to group theory, permutation groups and combinatorics.

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  • Q&A with Jessica Pritchard

    The GiST chats to Jessica Pritchard about the endless career possibilities when you’re a problem-solver, the enjoyment she gets from knowing her work helps people, and why you should always ask questions.

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