Image bank

Photos for inclusive STEM learning environments

Gender stereotypes and unconscious bias have been identified as two of the key factors stopping girls from perusing STEM at school and beyond. The GiST image bank is here to help you actively challenge stereotypes about who belongs in STEM.

Visibility matters and you can’t be what you can’t see! Display these images around your classroom, use them in presentations, encourage your students to incorporate them into their projects.

These images are available for non-commercial, educational use only.

Mariner ringing the bell in a ship
Family outdoors working on woods
A group of children and two adults are making a shelter from tree branches
Woman working on computer with engineering drawings on screen
A group of children building colourful blocks
Woman sitting in a forest taking notes
Two people with hard hats flying a drone in a construction site
A woman in a helicopter hangar is working on a metal construction
Two people working on building robots
Two people in an air controller room
Woman looking at an architectural model
Two students working on a STEM toy
A girl is sanding a piece of wood
A woman is looking through a large telescope
Woman looking at computer screens showing line graphics
Two people in biohazard suits taking samples from a river, looking at a laptop with a smoking industrial building in the background
Woman with a magnifying glass is looking at the rocks
Two people are digging the earth where some animal bones are found
A woman is holding a big animal skull in her hand
Person with a hard hat is looking through a geodetic station, another person is looking at his tablet
Two people standing with hard hats in front of a mining truck
Person looking into a server cabinet
Pilot sitting in the cockpit with hand on the control wheel
Two people working on computer cables and circuits
Two people with VR goggles looking at a hologram image
Person with a hard hat is posing in a manufacturing workshop
Person with a microphone is talking to a crowd
Person with work safety glasses and a tool is inspecting a vehicle from underneath
Person with safety glasses and a mask is posing in the surgery room
Person with a stethoscope around her neck is pushing an elderly person in a wheelchair
Person with a hard hat and high-vis wear is on the roof working on solar panels
Person with a white coat is holding a notepad and looking at medications on the shelves
Person with a hard hat and a lever posing next to a wooden frame
Person with a hard hat is adjusting the robot arm of a machine
Person standing in front of a huge truck
Person standing on a huge truck
Two people are painting fabrics
Person with a hard hat and high-vis work uniform is standing in a solar farm
Woman and girl laughing while spraying water to plants in a garden bed
Worker grinding metal sheets and sparks are flying
Worker in a hard hat is posing in front of a metal furnace
Person is working in a workshop full of globes
Three doctors looking at screens showing x-rays
Underwater diver face to face with a shark
Person on a wheelchair is using the computer
Person showing tablet to a child in a wheelchair
Person with a hard hat and a tablet is looking at an industrial site
Person with a high-vis vest is standing next to wind turbines
Two children are looking at a tablet and building vehicles
Person with screwdrivers working on a robotic part
Two people working on a robotic arm
Student looking at a circuit of a toy car with a magnifying glass
Two children looking at an automatic part
Person holding a notebook is reaching for the pen held by a robot
Person in a lab environment is using a sieve
Person in a field is taking notes
Child is working on a circuit
Five children sitting around a table are working on laptops, tablets and circuits for STEM toys
Person using a forklift
Person using an excavator
People working in front of machines
Factory worker touching a screen
Person with a hard hat is looking through a geodetic station
Person with a hard hat taking notes in a construction site with an excavator in the background
Two people cutting patterns on a fabric
Person working at a computer
Person with a tool is standing inside a metal pipe
Teacher looking at STEM gadgets made out of building blocks with two secondary school aged students in a classroom
Two small children sculpting and playing with play doughs at a table
Primary school student smiling and holding a car built out of building blocks and wires in her hands
Primary school student smiling and holding a car built out of building blocks and wires in her hands
Primary school student smiling and holding a car built out of building blocks and wires in her hands
Three students sitting outdoor and looking at a laptop
Engineer working at her laptop with building drawings and hard hats on the table next to her
Architect with glasses looking at a drawing on the computer screen and drawing on paper
Five colleagues in teleconference are sitting around a table
Software engineer writing code on a computer in front of a city setting with skyscrapers
Two people laughing and pointing at a laptop screen
Person showing two small eggplants and smiling
Person picking a leaf from the bushes
Person squatting and picking leaves from an agricultural land
Two people picking leaves in a greenhouse
Person squatting between two rows of tomatoes in a greenhouse
A woman is sitting with her son with fresh vegetables around them
A farm worker is looking at the farm with animals around her
A teacher is pointing at a white board showing biology drawings
A person with a lab coat is working on a circuit
Laboratory workers with white coats in front of microscope
Doctor looking at a chest x-ray
Laboratory worker looking at a plant between glasses
Woman playing chess against a robot
Laboratory worker picking a plant form a glass bottle with tweezers
Person with pink hair is turning a screw on a wheel
Person with pink hair is looking into the camera
A woman and a boy sitting at the table looking at a windmill model
A woman and a boy wearing goggles and handling beakers
Student holding a robot toy while another student is drawing on the board
Person wearing a lab coat is is looking at a computer screen showing 3-d model of a skull
Person with a mask looking through the microscope
Teacher showing her student how to build a STEM toy
Senior scientist looking at a tablet with a junior scientist sitting in front of a computer
Person waving at her mobile phone set-up to show her and her kitchen
Person on a wheelchair waving at a computer
Teacher on the monitor showing a student at home how to shape a dough
Musician in a colourful music studio playing an instrument
Artist drawing on her tablet while looking at her laptop
Pregnant person lying down with an ultrasound machine on her belly
Elderly woman and man looking at a tablet while smiling
Woman has her hand on the sleeping child's forehead while her mobile phone shows a doctor on the screen
Young person with a prosthetic arm working at computer
Person working in front of her computer in a cafe setting
Woman opening a toolbox full of nails and screws
Woman with goggles sanding a piece of wood
Woman checking the meniscus of liquid in the beaker in laboratory
Person in a bio-hazard suit checking out a liquid in a container
Person holding a pill next to a computer screen showing graphs
Three people in firefighter suits in a forest with burned trees
Person in a lab coat injecting eggs with a liquid
Free54 PP11802
Person looking at a 3-d model next to a computer screen showing the same model
Two people in laboratory coats looking at a painting in UV light
Person in a lab coat looking through the lens of a digital microscope into a painting
Person in a lab coat looking through the lens of a digital microscope
Chris Ralston Aghxda L8ki Unsplash
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