Poster series

Below are a range of posters of women paving the way in a range of STEM careers. 

  • Choose a career that you think you'll love, work hard and don't give up till you get there.

    Kat Duncan

    Locum veterinary surgeon

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  • I want to ensure that wild places and wild animals are understood and protected.

    Wendy Wright

    Associate Professor, Conservation Biology & Associate Dean, Research Training

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  • I wanted to be a translator, so I could connect to every country in the world. I now consider programmatic languages one of the many languages I’ve been lucky enough to study.

    Laura Shakespeare

    Analytical Lead

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  • Remember to keep having fun, worry less and it’s okay to be a nerd.

    Jesse May Lincot

    Senior Business Analyst

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  • I love growing plants by seed, and watching it grow

    Kellee Reissinger


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  • I'm passionate about our world – respecting, understanding and protecting it.

    Michele Thums

    Research Scientist

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  • I am passionate about being the liaison between science and community.

    Marlee Hutton

    Research Support Officer

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  • I work on projects that will make a difference in terms of protecting and conserving flatback turtles

    Sabrina Fossette

    Research Scientist

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  • I knew I wanted to work in the water industry because water is so important to the health of the community and the environment.

    Elizabeth Scott

    Water Engineer

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