Lessons for years 9 and 10

Lessons overview

This page contains engaging lesson plans that can be used to create a gender neutral learning environment.

The 'Green Packaging' and 'Collisions and Biomechanics' lessons are ones that were specifically written for The GiST and includes Girls in Focus recommendations. 

A selection of lessons have had Girls in Focus recommendations added. 

The other lessons on this page are considered to be relevant STEM approaches which you may use to apply the Seven Principles for Gender Inclusive Lessons. 

Suggested lessons

  • Tree with a habitat growing in a hollow

    Habitat for hollow-dwelling species

    Students working in groups are given the task to design and build: • a camera monitoring device to observe the types of animals who inhabit the reserve • an appropriate artificial habitat for one of the identified species.

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  • A sustainable herb and vegetable garden with a brown and white stripe gardening shed

    How do we create and grow a sustainable garden in the school?

    Working in groups, the student’s task is to design and create a garden which will grow in a sustainable manner in a school environment so that it does not need attention during the holidays and weekends.

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  • Makeshift beds in a temporary shelter for emergency accomodation

    Emergency shelter for people

    Working in groups, the student’s task is to design and build a secure, moveable and sustainable dwelling to help meet the need for short-term/emergency accommodation in Tasmania.

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  • Windfarm during sunset

    Positive power solutions

    In teams, the student’s task is to design a model of a renewable energy generator (e.g. wind turbine) complete with a demonstration video and an instruction manual.

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  • Minecraft house

    Minecraft Sustainable House

    Students plan and build a sustainable house in Minecraft.

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  • Solar oven

    Solar Oven Design Challenge

    Students design and build a solar oven using passive solar design principles.

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  • Climate change protest

    Climate Change

    This STEM Careers Pack is design to teach students about making well reasoned judgements about empirical and ethical matters. Students explore the science of anthropogenic climate change, and whether we have a responsibilty to future generations.

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  • Black and white sketch of the moon lander

    Lunar Lander

    Students design and build a lunar landing module to ensure survival of the crew. They compare their model’s performance with an actual moon landing and take risk factors and budgeting into account.

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  • Gecko paw close up

    Gecko Tape

    Students learn about nanotechnology and make and test ‘gecko tape’. They create their own design for new products.

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  • Rippling water

    Water in the 21st Century

    A STELR module design to engage students in learning about the Earth’s water resources and sustainable use of water. Includes inquiry-based and hands-on learning, and an exploration of careers in hydrological engineering.

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  • Logical and artistic sides of the brain

    Algorithmic Thinking: Simulation

    A unit that introduces students to using computer-based mathematical simulations to investigate complex behaviours. Contexts are from games of chance, social science, optimal stopping and game theory.

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  • Two humpback whales in the ocean

    Deep blue: innovation for the future of our oceans

    Select student activities related to the future of oceans that link to the Australian Curriculum for science, technologies, mathematics, and the arts.

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