Careers in STEM

STEM skills are driving innovation across almost every industry, so no matter what your passion, there’s a STEM career to match. Love design and construction? Maybe engineering is for you! Into fashion and jewellery? You should check out digital design. Want to improve social justice? Explore the impact of big data analysts on policy. STEM careers are evolving quickly – your career possibilities with STEM are literally limitless!

Quick facts about STEM careers

Just over


of STEM jobs involve the intersection of technology and art.

*Postgraduate Futures 2019

AI engineers didn’t exist 10 years ago, but by 2025 there could be


machine-driven warehouses!

*European Business Review 2021

Over the next 5 years


growth in STEM jobs is predicted.

*National Skills Commission 2022

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Jobs of the future

The world is changing fast – and most of the jobs of the future don’t even exist yet. We asked a group of STEM experts to predict what those jobs might look like.

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Creativity in STEM Careers

Employers are looking for creativity, innovation and problem-solving. Do you have what it takes to stand out in STEM? 

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Careers A–Z

Find an A–Z of careers and jobs in the big wide world of STEM.

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Impostor syndrome

Ever feel like you’re a fake, or unworthy? It’s called impostor syndrome, and you’re not alone (oh, and it’s not true!).

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