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Last updated: 9 February 2023

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Third-party material acknowledgements


  • ‘Fill-time and gender share’: Source – Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, joboutlook.gov.au. Based on ABS Census 2016, customised report.
  • ‘Future growth source’: Source – Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, joboutlook.gov.au. 2018 Employment projections for the five years to 2023.
  • ‘Weekly pay source’: Source – Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, joboutlook.gov.au. ABS survey of employee earnings and hours (cat. no. 6306.0), May 2018, customised report. Median weekly total cash earnings for full-time non-managerial employees paid at the adult rate. Earnings are before tax and include amounts salary sacrificed. These figures should be used as a guide only, not to determine a wage rate.


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  • Working at a solar farm installation: iStock.com/Thurtell
  • World's tallest sandcastle: Guiness World Records
  • YouTube still: kalpavriksha/YouTube


  • ‘Facts about native bees’: Used with permission
  • ‘New drone? Rules apply when you fly’: Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • ‘Professor Emma Johnston’: Professor Emma Johnston AO and Coast Australia
  • ‘What is a Scientific Illustrator?’: in situ SCIENCE
  • ‘What is science capital?’: Used with the kind permission of BP www.BP.com/uk and Cognitive www.wearecognitive.com
  • ‘Why we need women in STEM/Dean of Engineering’: Monash University, https://lens.monash.edu

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