Girls in STEM

Schools play a critical role in supporting girls interest and confidence in STEM. As an educator, you can play a part in creating an environment that fosters equity. Understand the context, browse our tools and see how other schools are working to inspire girls in STEM.

Teacher assisting students during a STEM lesson

What’s the context?

What is the current STEM environment like for girls at school, in further studies and in the workplace?

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Tools to support girls in STEM

Discover tools to evaluate and improve gender equity in STEM: run a whole-school audit, create a STEM-friendly classroom, stamp out stereotypes and follow our easy checklist to adapt any STEM lesson to better suit all students.


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Inclusive classrooms

Explore research developed in conjunction with the University of Adelaide that offers practical strategies teachers can use to create an inclusive STEM classroom.


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Case studies

Explore these case studies to see how other teachers and schools have embraced STEM.

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Students in a classroom working on STEM lessons