At home activities

There are plenty of fun DIY activities that can be done from home to encourage girls to become more interested in STEM. 

  • Fireworks in a bottle

    Grab a friend and make your own liquid fireworks with this simple and safe alternative.

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  • Avalanche

    What starts out as a cascade of well-mixed granular materials sorts itself into alternating layers of salt and sand.

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  • Fog chamber

    Make a portable cloud in a bottle: Now you see it, now you don’t!

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  • Naked egg

    Put de-shelled eggs in different fluids and watch them swell and shrink.

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  • Mould terrarium

    Watch tiny blue, green, and white moulds grow on leftover food.

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  • Black magic

    Discover the secret colours in a black marker!

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  • Paper airplanes

    Build, test and improve paper airplanes.

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  • Leaning tower of pasta

    Experiment with different structures to determine which ones can handle the biggest load.

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  • Protect that pill

    Develop a pill coating that can withstand the acidic environment found in the stomach.

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  • How do things fall?

    Find out what determines how quickly objects fall.

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  • Household energy audit

    Review the electrical appliances used at home.

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  • Mobile forces

    Create mobiles to explore the application of engineering principles.

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  • Unplugged activities

    Computer science activities without a computer.

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  • Design a better vortex cannon

    Build and test vortex cannons out of household materials.

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  • All spun up

    Learn about properties of rotation.

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  • Talu tales

    Find out about a new way to tell and share stories.

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  • Barefoot

    Enjoyable activities, designed by teaching professionals for families to do at home with their children.

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