Economics and Econometrics

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The study of the production, consumption and transfer of wealth, and developing and analysing models that describe this behaviour. The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of economic theory and its relationship to the production, distribution and consumption of wealth, macroeconomic and microeconomic theories, the structure of the local economy and its relationship to overseas economies, and the effects of economic decisions on individual, business and government behaviour.

Course skills

Economics and Econometrics develops skills in:

  • analysing economic policy to determine the effect on individuals, businesses and the economy as a whole
  • developing models of economic behaviour using quantitative techniques
  • researching and preparing reports and studies on economic conditions, activities and policy decisions.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics



Economists perform economic research and analysis, develop and apply theories about production and distribution of goods and services and people's spending and financial behaviour, and provide advice to governments and organisations on economic policy issues.