Optical Science

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The study of measuring and assessing vision, and prescribing, preparing and dispensing corrective lenses. The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of the physiology of the eye, the operation of vision testing apparatus, and prescribing, preparing and dispensing visual aids. It also involves developing an ability to assess and evaluate clinical observations to arrive at diagnoses and determine the appropriate courses of action.

Course skills

Optical Science develops skills in:

  • advising patients on eye exercises, lighting and visual habits
  • operating vision testing apparatus
  • performing examinations and visual tests to assess the nature and extent of vision problems and abnormalities
  • prescribing, preparing and dispensing visual aids.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics


Optometrists and Orthoptists

Optometrists and Orthoptists perform eye examinations and vision tests, prescribe lenses, other optical aids and therapy, and diagnose and manage eye movement disorders and associated sensory problems.