Livestock Farmers

Below are details about the field of study you have chosen to explore, as well as some potential careers.

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Livestock Farmers

Livestock Farmers plan, organise, control, coordinate and perform farming operations to breed and raise livestock.

Fun facts

  • NA Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 77% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 32% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by livestock farmers. A few are listed below:

  • breeding and raising livestock for the production of honey, meat, milk, skins, eggs and wool
  • monitoring and maintaining the health and condition of livestock
  • providing pastures and fodder to maintain appropriate nutritional levels
  • moving livestock to optimise feeding opportunities
  • organising and conducting farming operations such as catching, drenching and milking livestock, sterilising machines, and collecting, grading and packaging produce
  • directing and overseeing general farming activities such as maintaining pens, sheds and cages, fertilising, controlling pests and weeds, and growing fodder
  • maintaining fences, equipment and water supply systems
  • organising the sale, purchase and transportation of livestock and produce
  • maintaining and evaluating records of farming activities, monitoring market activity and planning production accordingly
  • managing business capital including budgeting, taxation, debt and loan management
  • may select, train and supervise staff and contractors

Specific occupations

  • Apiarist
  • Beef Cattle Farmer
  • Dairy Cattle Farmer
  • Deer Farmer
  • Goat Farmer
  • Horse Breeder
  • Mixed Livestock Farmer
  • Pig Farmer
  • Poultry Farmer
  • Sheep Farmer
  • Livestock Farmer
  • Alpaca Farmer
  • Crocodile Farmer
  • Dog Breeder
  • Emu Farmer
  • Llama Farmer
  • Ostrich Farmer
  • Poultry Farm Manager
  • Sheep Farm Manager
  • Beekeeper
  • Beef Cattle Farm Manager
  • Beef Cattle Grazier
  • Dairy Cattle Farm Manager
  • Horse Stud Manager
  • Pig Farm Manager
  • Egg Producer
  • Hatchery Manager (Poultry)
  • Stud Master/Mistress
  • Pig Breeder
  • Share Dairy Farmer
  • Stud Dairy Cattle Farmer
  • Stud Beef Cattle Farmer
  • Stud Sheep Farmer
  • Wool Grower