Medical Technicians

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Medical Technicians

Medical Technicians operate anaesthetic, cardiac, operating theatre and medical testing equipment, perform and assist with laboratory tests, and fill prescriptions in support of Health Professionals.

Fun facts

  • Very Strong Future Growth
  • 1178 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 53% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 79% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by medical technicians. A few are listed below:

  • operating equipment used in diagnosing and monitoring disorders of the heart, kidneys, nervous system and hearing, and in anaesthesia
  • undertaking and assisting with medical analytical procedures and assisting Anaesthetists and surgical teams
  • recording the electrical activity of the heart, from which the heart rate is measured and pattern and rhythm interpreted
  • taking, collecting and labelling blood, urine and other samples from patients
  • preparing and staining slides and tissue sections for blood and histological examination
  • performing diagnostic tests on tissues and body fluids and analysing the chemical constituents of blood, urine, faeces and tissues
  • testing for diseases by looking for the presence of antibodies and the products of immune response in samples
  • setting up, checking and maintaining operating theatres, anaesthetic workstations, life support machines and associated equipment
  • referring prescriptions to Pharmacists and assisting in preparing medications

Specific occupations

  • Anaesthetic Technician
  • Cardiac Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Operating Theatre Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Medical Technician
  • Audiometrist
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Electroencephalographic Technician
  • Mortuary Technician
  • Neurophysiological Technician
  • Ophthalmic Technician
  • Orthotic and Prosthetic Technician
  • Perfusionist
  • Renal Technician
  • Respiratory Technician
  • Sleep Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technical Officer
  • Dispensary Technician
  • Specimen Collector
  • Blood Collector
  • Cardiac Technologist
  • Electrocardiographic Technician