Other Medical Practitioners

Below are details about the field of study you have chosen to explore, as well as some potential careers.

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Other Medical Practitioners

Other Medical Practitioners include Dermatologist, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, Pathologist and Radiation Oncologist occupations.

Fun facts

  • Moderate Future Growth
  • 3031 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 79% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 46% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by other medical practitioners. A few are listed below:

  • providing diagnostic, treatment and preventative medical services related to disorders of the human skin
  • providing diagnostic and treatment medical services, and monitoring patients with various diseases utilising imaging techniques
  • providing diagnostic medical services, and managing patients with acute and urgent illness and injury
  • providing diagnostic, treatment and preventative medical and surgical services related to the care of women, foetuses and children during pregnancy and childbirth, and to disorders of the female genital, urinary, rectal and reproductive organs
  • providing diagnostic, treatment and preventative medical services related to diseases, injuries and deficiencies of the human eye and associated structures
  • identifying the cause and processes of disease and illness by examining changes in body tissue and in blood and other body fluids, and conducting tests on samples of tissues, blood and body secretions
  • providing medical care and management of patients with cancer and other medical conditions through the conduct and supervision of radiation treatment, and advice and provision of palliative and other supportive care of patients with cancer

Specific occupations

  • Dermatologist
  • Emergency Medicine Specialist
  • Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Pathologist
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
  • Radiation Oncologist
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Nuclear Medicine Physician
  • Sports Physician
  • Emergency Physician
  • Eye Specialist
  • Eye Surgeon
  • Clinical Cytopathologist
  • Forensic Pathologist
  • Immunologist
  • Medical Imaging Specialist
  • Gynaecological Oncologist
  • Reproductive Endocrinologist
  • Urogynaecologist