Other Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers

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Other Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers

Other Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers include Divers, Fire Protection Equipment Technicians, Interior Decorators, Optical Dispensers, Optical Mechanics, Photographer's Assistants, Plastics Technicians and Wool Classer occupations.

Fun facts

  • 1331 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 68% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 39% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by other miscellaneous technicians and trades workers. A few are listed below:

  • swimming underwater to undertake tasks such as seafood gathering, research, salvage and construction
  • Installing, testing and maintaining fire protection equipment and systems
  • planning the interior design of commercial or residential premises and arranging for decorating work to be done
  • interpreting optical prescriptions, and fitting and servicing optical appliances such as spectacle frames and lenses
  • operating machines to grind, polish and surface optical lenses to meet prescription requirements, and fitting lenses to spectacle frames
  • assisting Photographers in taking and developing photographs
  • setting up, adjusting, repairing and troubleshooting machines that manufacture plastics products
  • lassifying wool to industry standards or market requirements

Specific occupations

  • Diver
  • Interior Decorator
  • Optical Mechanic
  • Photographer's Assistant
  • Plastics Technician
  • Wool Classer
  • Fire Protection Equipment Technician
  • Technicians and Trades Worker
  • Airborne Electronics Analyst (Air Force)
  • Architectural Model Maker
  • Canoe Maker
  • Coffee Machine Technician
  • Fibre Composite Technician
  • Glass Blower
  • Hide and Skin Classer
  • Irrigationist Designer
  • Kayak Maker
  • Milking Machine Technician
  • Parachute Rigger
  • Pearl Technician
  • Pyrotechnician
  • Ski Technician
  • Surfboard Maker
  • Plastics Fitter
  • Fire Extinguisher Technician
  • Abalone Diver
  • Clearance Diver (Navy)
  • Fisheries Diver
  • Hyperbaric Welder Diver
  • Offshore Diver
  • Onshore Diver
  • Pearl Diver
  • Saturation Diver
  • Scientific Diver