Other Stationary Plant Operators

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Other Stationary Plant Operators

Other Stationary Plant Operators include Boiler or Engine Operator, Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operator, Cement Production Plant Operator, Concrete Batching Plant Operator, Concrete Pump Operator, Paper and Pulp Mill Operator, Railway Signal Operator, Train Controllers, Waste Water or Water Plant Operators and Weighbridge Operators.

Fun facts

  • Decline Future Growth
  • 1818 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 91% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 8% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by other stationary plant operators. A few are listed below:

  • operating and maintaining stationary engines, boilers, refrigeration and airconditioning systems
  • operating plant to load, unload, move, store and stack bulk materials such as grain, sugar and mineral ore
  • operating plant to produce cement, lime and clinker
  • operating mixing plant to produce batches of concrete from cement, sand, aggregate, water and other ingredients
  • operating plant to pump, cast and mould concrete
  • operating plant to produce paper pulp from woodchips and to make paper sheets
  • controlling the movement of trains, and assembling and disassembling trains within a marshalling yard
  • overseeing the safe movement of trains using a computerised train control signalling system
  • operating plant to store, distribute and treat water
  • operating weighing plant and issues measurement tickets which provide readings of vehicle and livestock weight

Specific occupations

  • Boiler or Engine Operator
  • Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operator
  • Cement Production Plant Operator
  • Concrete Batching Plant Operator
  • Concrete Pump Operator
  • Paper and Pulp Mill Operator
  • Railway Signal Operator
  • Train Controller
  • Waste Water or Water Plant Operator
  • Weighbridge Operator
  • Stationary Plant Operator
  • Air Compressor Operator
  • Beverage Distiller
  • Bitumen Plant Operator
  • Crematorium Operator
  • Lock Master (Water Transport)
  • Snow Maker
  • Timber Treatment Plant Operator
  • Wash Plant Operator
  • Paper Machine Operator
  • Paper Maker
  • Railway Switching and Signalling Operator
  • Railway Yard Assistant
  • Licensed Weigher
  • Paper Rewinder Operator
  • Paperboard Machine Operator
  • Railway Shunter
  • Airconditioning Plant Operator
  • Marine Engine Driver
  • Motorman/woman (Fluids Drilling)
  • Refrigeration Plant Operator
  • Bulk Fluids Handler
  • Conveyor Belt Operator
  • Grain Handler
  • Palletiser Operator
  • Tank Farm Operator (Petroleum)
  • Cement Crusher Operator
  • Cement Despatch Operator
  • Cement Grinding Mill Operator
  • Cement Kiln Operator
  • Premix Concrete Batcher
  • Concrete Boom Operator
  • Bleach Plant Operator
  • Dryerman/woman (Paper Mill)
  • Fourdrinier Machine Operator
  • Inverform Machine Operator