Train and Tram Drivers

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Train and Tram Drivers

Train and Tram Drivers drive trains and trams to transport passengers and freight on rail networks.

Fun facts

  • Strong Future Growth
  • 2134 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 93% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 9% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by train and tram drivers. A few are listed below:

  • stopping at stations and set locations to pick up and set down passengers and freight
  • opening and closing doors before and after passengers board or alight
  • observing signals, track conditions, nearby traffic and prescribed speeds to ensure safety
  • monitoring indicator gauges, changing controls and power supply poles and reporting operating irregularities
  • checking time and adherence to timetables
  • may advise passengers on destinations

Specific occupations

  • Train Driver
  • Tram Driver
  • Locomotive Driver
  • Locomotive Observer
  • Rail Car Driver
  • Steam Train Driver
  • Electric Train Driver
  • Fireperson (Railway)