Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers

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Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers

Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers manufacture and repair prototype production units and purpose-built vehicle bodies, and install, repair and replace the interior trim of vehicles.

Fun facts

  • Moderate Future Growth
  • 1352 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 89% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 3% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by vehicle body builders and trimmers. A few are listed below:

  • constructing framework sections in metal, wood, fibreglass and other materials using shaping machines and cutting and welding equipment
  • bolting, screwing, riveting and welding sections together to form complete frameworks
  • cutting and shaping panels of sheetmetal, aluminium and reinforced plastic and attaching to frameworks using hand and power tools
  • modifying assembly line vehicles to special requirements
  • preparing new vehicle trim work according to drawings and sketches, and removing old coverings and fittings from vehicles and taking new measurements
  • selecting and cutting pieces of fabric, vinyl and leather and sewing pieces together using heavy-duty sewing machines
  • installing internal trim in vehicles such as lining, floor coverings and armrests
  • attaching door trims, rubber seals, locks and handles

Specific occupations

  • Vehicle Body Builder
  • Vehicle Trimmer
  • Vehicle Body Maker
  • Vehicle Upholsterer
  • Coach Builder