I was born in India and obtained my PhD from Pune University. I started my academic career as a casual tutor at RMIT, eventually becoming a professor and then the Associate Dean of Mathematical Sciences (2017–2023).

I am a cybersecurity expert, researching issues such as fraud and money laundering as well as better ways to communicate, using mathematics in doing so. I have authored more than 60 refereed scientific publications and contributed chapters to scholarly books.

Being a mathematician, I am not afraid of failure. It has always been a part of my life – it just gives me a chance to do things again – get a better solution, solve a bigger problem.

Women in Maths

I have always been passionate about getting more women involved in maths. As the founding chair of Women in Maths, I put in place a number of initiatives to improve gender equity within the mathematical sciences.

Over my career I have been inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, been named an Australian Superstar of STEM, and received an Australia India Science, Research and Development Award.

In my spare time I love reading non-fiction and designing and making my own clothes.