Kathryn Gledhill-Tucker

I am a Nyungar technologist, writer and digital rights activist currently living on Whadjuk Noongar boodjar. I completed my Bachelor of Science (Behavioural Science) at UWA, then a Master of Marketing. I worked as a data analyst for several years and then moved into product development for an online gaming company. I have broad-ranging experience working in online streaming services, data and analytics consulting.

In my work, I am passionate about using Indigenous thinking – caring for Country and Kin – to help shape an ethical future for technology. I campaign for human rights and am a digital rights activist, serving on the board of Electronic Frontiers Australia.

As a technologist, I am always thinking about systems and trying to figure out how power moves within them. It is so easy to be caught up new tech, new toys, new AIs – but the most important questions we can ask are: Who has power? And how could this power be used to harm others?

Previously, I have also worked as a mentor for She Codes, which teaches technical skills and connects women to career pathways. For two years, I led a program at Thoughtworks creating tech careers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander technologists.

Today, I am a Senior Policy Analyst for First Languages Australia, specialising in Indigenous Data Sovereignty. I am passionate about languages and language revitalisation, and am so proud to use my skills to have a real impact, serving communities who have done such excellent work in this space for many years.