I was always a curious child who loved maths and science at school. When I grew up I knew I wanted to work in the health and medical field. I wanted to be a pharmacist because I was fascinated with how medications worked and how they could be used to improve people’s health. In Year 11, I undertook work experience in a pharmacy which led to a part-time job for the rest of high school and my time at University. I completed a Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry degree and a PhD in chemistry. 

As a scientist, I have collaborated with other scientists from around the world and my job has allowed me to travel to places in Europe, Asia and the US. I enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team with chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers. We all have specialised knowledge and work together to solve a common problem.

In the laboratory I use a range of scientific instruments and analytical equipment to perform experiments. As a scientist, I use problem solving and data analysis skills every day and need excellent communication skills to work with other scientists and write reports. Some of my responsibilities include research and development into new radiopharmaceuticals used to diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders.

I am passionate about working in a field that has a huge impact on health outcomes.