Business and Management

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The study of planning and directing the functions and activities of persons, organisations and institutions. The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of the theory of management and administration and its application in the development, structure and operation of organisations and institutions, and the role of staff management and development. It also involves developing abilities in organising the efficient and effective provision of goods and services and in planning, co-ordinating and controlling the activities of an organisation and resolving problems and conflicts associated with the performance of these activities.

Course skills

Business and Management develops skills in:

  • analysing and determining policy issues at a managerial level
  • analysing the human factors that affect the task of management
  • applying the principles of quantitative methods, personnel development and information systems in a business environment
  • developing strategies for the implementation and administration of government policy and planning
  • identifying and evaluating the economic, legal, social, political and ethical environment in which business operates
  • identifying and evaluating the role of public organisations and public and private institutions in society
  • relating organisational and behavioural theory to a business enterprise, or to public organisations and public and private institutions.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics


Management and Organisation Analysts

Management and Organisation Analysts assist organisations to achieve greater efficiency and solve organisational problems, and study organisational structures, methods, systems and procedures.