Below are details about the field of study you have chosen to explore, as well as some potential careers.


The study of the preparation and dispensing of drugs. The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of the properties of drugs and medicinal products and their manufacture, control and use in the community and in hospitals.

Course skills

Pharmacy develops skills in:

  • preparing and dispensing medications to patients with regard to legal, therapeutic and professional requirements
  • providing information and advising patients and the general community on drugs and medications.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics



Pharmacists ensure safe and quality use of medicines, and optimise health outcomes by contributing to selecting, prescribing, monitoring and evaluating medicine therapy, and researching, testing and developing pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Technical Sales Representatives

Technical Sales Representatives represent companies in selling a range of industrial, medical and pharmaceutical goods and services to industrial, business, professional and other establishments.