Other Engineering Professionals

Below are details about the field of study you have chosen to explore, as well as some potential careers.
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Other Engineering Professionals

Other Engineering Professionals include Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Environmental Engineer and Naval Architect occupations.

Fun facts

  • Very strong Future Growth
  • 2155 Weekly Pay Before Tax
  • 89% full-time Full-Time Share
  • 15% female Gender Share


There are many tasks done by other engineering professionals. A few are listed below:

  • performing and supervising engineering work concerned with the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and modification of aircraft for flight
  • performing and supervising engineering work related to the use and development of agricultural land, buildings, machines and equipment
  • applying knowledge and methodology of physics, engineering, mathematics, computing, physical chemistry and materials science to problems in biology and the treatment and prevention of human disease
  • analysing and modifying new and existing engineering technologies and applying them in the testing and implementation of engineering projects
  • assessing the impact on air, water, soil and noise levels in the vicinity of engineering projects, planning and designing equipment and processes for the treatment and safe disposal of waste material, and assessing what may cause problems for the environment in the long term
  • designing and overseeing the construction and repair of marine craft and floating structures

Specific occupations

  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Engineering Professional
  • Acoustic Engineer
  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Natural Resources Engineer
  • Bioengineer
  • Clinical Engineer
  • Medical Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineering Technologist
  • Agricultural Engineering Technologist
  • Biomedical Engineering Technologist
  • Chemical Engineering Technologist
  • Industrial Engineering Technologist
  • Mining Engineering Technologist
  • Aeronautical Engineering Officer (Navy)
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer Officer - Aeronautical (Air Force)
  • Aerospace Engineer Officer - Armament (Air Force)
  • Aerospace Engineer Officer - Electronics (Air Force)
  • Avionics Systems Engineer
  • Weapons Aeronautical Engineering Officer (Navy)

Ivana Popovac, Biomedical Engineer

Sheena Ong, Graduate Engineer

Niki Robinson, Manager of Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Regulation

Dr Marianne Foley, Fire Safety Engineer