Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology

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The study of designing, planning, installing, operating, maintaining and repairing mechanical plant, machinery and tools. The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of machines, mechanical plant and systems, the optimisation of production resources, and an understanding of fabricating, casting and welding metals.

Course skills

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Technology develops skills in:

  • analysing the effects of stresses and strains on machinery, plant and equipment
  • designing and drafting mechanical components
  • organising and operating industrial processes
  • reading and interpreting blueprints and specifications in order to determine dimensions and tolerance of tools and metal articles.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics


Agricultural and Forestry Scientists

Agricultural and Forestry Scientists advise farmers, rural industries and government on aspects of farming, develop techniques for increasing productivity, and study and develop plans and policies for the management of forest areas.

Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators

Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators operate machines to manufacture and finish a variety of clay, concrete, glassware and stone products by extruding, shaping, mixing, grinding, cutting and other processes.

Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators

Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators operate stationary and mobile cranes, hoists, lifts and winches to lift, move and place materials, equipment and people in areas such as building sites, factories, mines, sawmills, wharves and shipyards.

Drillers, Miners and Shot Firers

Drillers, Miners and Shot Firers assemble, position and operate drilling rigs and mining plants, and detonate explosives to extract materials from the earth and demolish structures.

Earthmoving Plant Operators

Earthmoving Plant Operators operate plant to excavate earth, ore and rock, break up pavement, road, rock and obstructions, move and load earth, rock and debris, and level, smooth and compact surfaces in construction and other projects.

Engineering Managers

Engineering Managers plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate the engineering and technical operations of organisations.

Forklift Drivers

Forklift Drivers operate forklifts to move bulk materials, containers, crates, palletised goods, cartons and bales.

Garden and Nursery Labourers

Garden and Nursery Labourers perform a variety of routine tasks in propagating, cultivating and maintaining plants in gardens and horticultural nurseries.

Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers

Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers design, organise and oversee the construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical and process plant and installations, establish programs for the coordination of manufacturing activities, and ensure usage of resources is cost effective.

Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers

Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers fabricate mould patterns and form sand moulds and cores for the production of metal castings, heat and hammer metal into shape, and make, repair, coat and polish metal parts and articles.

Metal Fitters and Machinists

Metal Fitters and Machinists fit and assemble fabricated metal parts into products, set up machining tools, production machines and textile machines, and operate machining tools and machines to shape metal stock and castings.

Other Building and Engineering Technicians

Other Building and Engineering Technicians include Maintenance Planner, Metallurgical or Materials Technician and Mine Deputy occupations.

Other Engineering Professionals

Other Engineering Professionals include Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Environmental Engineer and Naval Architect occupations.

Other Machine Operators

Other Machine Operators include Chemical Production Machine Operator, Motion Picture Projectionist, Sand Blaster and Sterilisation Technician occupations.

Other Mobile Plant Operators

Other Mobile Plant Operators include Aircraft Baggage Handler and Airline Ground Crew, Linemarker, Paving Plant Operator, Railway Track Plant Operator, Road Roller Operator and Streetsweeper Operator occupations.

Other Stationary Plant Operators

Other Stationary Plant Operators include Boiler or Engine Operator, Bulk Materials Handling Plant Operator, Cement Production Plant Operator, Concrete Batching Plant Operator, Concrete Pump Operator, Paper and Pulp Mill Operator, Railway Signal Operator, Train Controllers, Waste Water or Water Plant Operators and Weighbridge Operators.

Paper and Wood Processing Machine Operators

Paper and Wood Processing Machine Operators operate machines to manufacture paper packaging and other paper products, fibreboard stock, logs, plywood, particle board, solid laminate and similar timber products.

Photographic Developers and Printers

Photographic Developers and Printers edit and adjust digital images, develop photographic film, and print photographic images from digital media, negatives and positives using computer software, fully automatic equipment and by separate processes.

Plastics and Rubber Factory Workers

Plastics and Rubber Factory Workers perform routine tasks in manufacturing plastic and rubber products.

Sewing Machinists

Sewing Machinists operate industrial sewing machines to sew and finish garments and soft furnishings such as curtains.

Sheetmetal Trades Workers

Sheetmetal Trades Workers mark out, shape, form and join sheetmetal and other materials to make products and components.

Toolmakers and Engineering Patternmakers

Toolmakers and Engineering Patternmakers make and repair tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and other precision parts and equipment to fine tolerances for machine tools and other production machinery, and construct full-size engineering, visual and experimental models and models for the manufacture of prototype developmental products.

University Lecturers and Tutors

University Lecturers and Tutors prepare and deliver lectures and conduct tutorials in one or more subjects within a prescribed course of study at a university and conduct research in a particular field of knowledge.